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Fabric patterns may vary.

 Limited quantities.

           Minimum 12 items, mix and match.              


           Fabric and pillow size as shown.                 

Throw and Lumbar  Pillows

Available in sizes shown

Z001  16x16
Z006  16x16
Z002  16x16
Z007  16x16
Z003  16x16
Z008  16x16
Z004  16x16
Z009  16x16
Z005  16x16
Z010  16x16  N/A
Z011  16x16
Z012  16x16
Z013  20x12
Z014  20x12
Z015  20x12
Z016  20x12
Z021  16x16
Z017  20x12
Z022  16x16
Z018  16x16
Z023  16x16
Z019  12x12
Z024  16x16
Z020  16x16
Z025  16x16
C026  16x16